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United Kingdom

The Best of England, Scotland and Ireland - 12 Days

From glens and lochs all the way to London, explore the captivating emerald landscapes and cultural hubs that define Great Britain and Ireland. Journey from England’s cosmopolitan capital through the highlands of the Lake District to Edinburgh, whose city streets have been declared masterpieces of urban planning. Then, make your way to the Emerald Isle, where you’ll grab a pint (or a few) with Dubliners.

Castles and Cottages of the United Kingdom - 16 Days

Nothing is quite as romantic as touring the beauty and serenity of that offered in the rural United Kingdom. Travel through the landscapes of Great Britain and Ireland, where hundreds of years of history spring suddenly to life. Your appetite for castles and cottages will be satisfied for years to come!

Edinburgh, Castles and the Scottish Highlands - 10 Days

Castles, a Military Tattoo, the Highlands and Nessy, too! Simply say “Scotland” and images of tartan kilts, blaring bagpipes and medieval castles instantly come to mind. This tour includes a different castle almost every day, each a relic of a period of proud Scottish history. With ten days to explore, you’ll get your dose of these well-known Scottish icons, including a visit to the world-famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, before heading a little off the beaten path, moving farther into the untamed Highlands and into craggy hillsides laden with lochs and Gaelic-speaking villages.

England and Wales - 13 Days

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a lush, green pasture. Now, surround yourself with rolling hills. And dot your dreamscape with some sleepy hamlets, quaint cottages, spectacular gardens, archaic castles, ancient ruins, medieval embankments and mysterious stone circles. You’ve just entered the English and Welsh countryside

An English Christmas Celebration - 7 Days

London acquires a special sparkle around Christmas time. The weather is frosty, the Christmas lights are twinkling, and shoppers line the streets. Hyde Park comes alive with its Winter Wonderland, and vendors continue the centuries-old tradition of selling their hand-crafted wares and tasty treats at a variety of Christmas markets. Visit the London that Dickens knew in all of its whimsical holiday glory!

Grand Tour of Great Britain - 15 Days

Discover what makes Great Britain truly great as you explore this delightful island from top to bottom. Start in Edinburgh, the Georgian Scottish capital, before heading south to Wales, passing through lovely English countryside and historic cities like York and Liverpool along the way. Then it’s off to the Roman town of Bath and royal London—the perfect finishing touch on this quintessentially British experience.

London City Edventure - 7 Days

London was once considered the capital of the world—and it shows. Britain’s most dynamic city has a history that stretches back 2,000 years, and a culture as rooted in the local pub as it is in world-class museums. Get acquainted with this city at your own pace, whether strolling through Kensington Gardens, climbing the Tower of London or experiencing Big Ben up close and personal.  Never has five days been so fully-packed with unforgettable experiences!

Whether you are new to the European continent or a seasoned traveler, these three cities are not to be missed. So why not see them together! Once considered the world's capital. Britain’s most dynamic city has a history that stretches back 2,000 years. Then it's off to Paris, the destination for experiences you’ll never forget. And whether it's the incredible cappuccinos at breakfast, or touring the center of the Roman Catholic Empire, Rome draws travelers again and again.

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland - 7 Days

Can you think of a better time to visit Ireland than during St. Patrick’s Day week? Drop in on the Emerald Isle during one of the most festive times of year, exploring its most vibrant cities and namesake emerald countryside.

Traditions of the Emerald Isle - 13 days

It’s a little ironic that such a rainy country could give rise to some of the brightest, most charming people in the world. When an entire pub bursts into song or an entire city rallies around a hurling match, it’s easy to see that even the oldest traditions continue to thrive here (and proudly, too). Discover all that Ireland holds dear, from Dublin and the Rebel County all the way down to the breathtaking Ring of Kerry.
Work and Play the Irish Way - Golf Edventure - 10 Days

Ireland is a course designer’s dream. The country’s rugged natural landscapes come together to create some of the most challenging tests of links golf in the world. As you make your way from Dublin, to the beautiful inland wildlife course of Lough Erne, and along the rugged coastline of Northern Ireland to Belfast, you’ll play rounds at some of this country’s best courses. This Edventure is not just for golfers. Non-golfers will have plenty of activities to stay busy while exploring the best of this beautiful country. This is the best of Northern Ireland!
Work and Play the Scottish Way - Golf Edventure - 9 Days

There’s no room for dispute—Scotland is the golfer’s mecca. Touted as the birthplace of modern golf, the country is home to some of the finest (and oldest) traditional links courses in the world. From famed St Andrews to historic Turnberry on Scotland's west coast, experience a style of play unlike anything in North America, as well as legendary landscapes that challenge even the most thoughtful golfer. More interested in exploring than golfing? No problem! Alternate sightseeing activities will offer non-golfers a Scottish Edventure of their very own. Kilts are optional.