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Regional Prison - Bern

The prison's webpage says “the Regional Prison Bern is run by Office of imprisonment and Supervision of the Canton of Bern. We have 127 places of detention, including up to 47 places intended for detention pending deportation. We serve both women and men under different types of detention; remand, extradition, punitive detention, short custodial sentences, as well as police custody. We carry three group homes in detention pending deportation, as well as a group home for the serving of short custodial sentences. We adhere to the directives of the penitentiary Concordat of Switzerland. We follow ethical principles and... professionally handle those arrested, regardless of their offense or their origin. We affect inmates positively and help promote social skills. We are not indifferent, but we will not be carried away by emotions or reckless action and will remain objective in our activities. We receive those entrusted to us with appropriate respect and respect them as individual personalities. We try to avoid aggression,thus strengthening internal security. We do our duty by confidently providing a socially necessary and reasonable service with a qualified staff and a structured organization. Our employees act in a solution-oriented, interdisciplinary way, seeing themselves as partners, and loyal to our common code of conduct. We create conditions that allow our employees to develop professionally and personally. Collaboration and networking with internal and external partners and specialists is important to us.” 
Justizvollzugsanstalt Pöschwies - Zurich

The Penal Institution of Pöschwies (PI Pöschwies) with its 426 capacity for male medical inmates is the largest mental institution of its kind in Switzerland. Today's institution opened in 1995 and replaced the former Penal Institution of Regensdorf, dating back to 1901. The PI Pöschwies employs some 250 staff. The detainees have to work, and therefore, have the opportunity to learn a trade in the modern vocational services associated with the facility. The average length of stay for an inmate here is about three years.