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Aranjuez Prison - Madrid

Inside the walls of Aranjuez, the prisoners live with their families in an effort to allow small children to bond with their incarcerated parent, while going to nursery school and living an otherwise pretty normal childhood. Considered one of the world's top 10 innovative prisons, and the only prison  in the world that allows married couples to be housed together, the children stay with their parents in the prison until age three, when they are sent to live with relatives. The cells, as you’d expect, are very different from normal prison cells. They are up to 150 square feet and feature private bathrooms, double beds, cribs, and other typically-child oriented features, and include access to medical care and the prison supermarket.

La Modelo Prison - Barcelona

With an official capacity of 1,100, the prison is accommodating 1,781 inmates at this time. In its early years, the prison held primarily anarchists detained before and following Barcelona’s downfall in 1939, and then during the subsequent years of Franco’s dictatorship when their numbers increased dramatically. The last person to be executed in La Modelo was in 1974 when the anarchist Salvador Puig Antich was garrotted. The prison continues to function and receive only male prisoners despite its monolithic presence in the Sants area of Barcelona, and will continue so, since Spain cannot afford to build a modern prison where its inmates can be relocated.

Seville Prison