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HMP Inverness - Inverness

HMP Inverness serves courts in the Highlands, Islands and Moray – a large and diverse jurisdictional area embracing rural and urban communities. Inverness Prison is currently the smallest penal establishment in Scotland, but it has an expansive history. Laying just a few miles north of the famed Loch Ness, prison labor was used to build the establishment in 1901.  Prison Officers now work an average of 37 hours a week and their job has evolved away from that of turnkey to actively engaging with prisoners in pursuit of the Scottish Prison Service model of correctional excellence. Although the prison has regularly been the subject of overcrowding, by as much as 150%, it continually receives praise for its relationship between staff and prisoners, its healthcare provision and its learning opportunities.

HMP Edinburgh - Edinburgh

HMP Edinburgh is a large community facing establishment receiving prisoners predominantly from courts in Edinburgh and the Lothians and Borders. Adult male prisoners of all categories (remand and convicted) from these areas are held. HMP Edinburgh also holds specific national populations including women, sex offenders and non-offense protection prisoners. Edinburgh is the first prison to introduce Prison Watch Scotland. This initiative was launched in February 2011. Prison Watch is a scheme similar to Neighborhood Watch, but deals with the area around HMP Edinburgh.