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Scandinavia and Iceland

Iceland - From Reykjavik to the Glaciers - 7 Days

Inhale fresh Icelandic air; discover geysers and waterfalls; tap into the restorative powers of the northern isle. Your home base is Reykjavik, famed for progressive thinking and high standards of living. From here, you can see the best of Iceland, including the enticing Blue Lagoon, the inspiring Golden Circle and the otherworldly beauty of South Iceland.
Land of Fjords - Norway, Sweden and Finland - 14 Days

Discover a smorgasbord of Scandinavian and Nordic delights, from seafaring histories to fantastic fjords and waterfalls. Head into land of the midnight sun to marvel at the amazing wonderland of green cliffs and blue water. It's viking history brought to life!
Windmills and Wooden Shoes: Amsterdam to Copenhagen - 11 Days

In Amsterdam, your attention focuses on the picturesque canals that make the very first moments here feel like you've been transported to a story book land. As you make your way up north, through Germany's north country and its second largest city and on in Denmark, a special charm takes hold. Quaint Copenhagen is the home of Hans Christen Andersen; and the Little Mermaid statue by the harbor shows a real admiration for his literary achievements and the legends and history of these fascinating countries.