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Halden Prison - Halden

"Halden prison smells of freshly brewed coffee. It hits you in the workshop areas, lingers in the games rooms and in the communal apartment-style areas where prisoners live together in groups of eight. This much coffee makes you hungry, so a couple of hours after lunch, the guards on Unit A (a quiet, separated wing where sex offenders are held for their own protection) bring inmates a tall stack of steaming, heart-shaped waffles and pots of jam, which they set down on a checked tablecloth and eat together, whiling away the afternoon."* Considered a Level 4 facility, and home to some of the worst criminals in Norway, it has been referred to as the most humane prison in the world. But it is not without its critics.

*The Guardian, 5/18/12

Ila Prison - Oslo

This prison was used to house Grini concentration camp. The prison mainly housed Norwegians who were in political opposition to the German rulers. After the war it changed its name to Ilebu prison and on 8 May 1945 became a camp for prisoners, held in custody and judged traitors from World War II. The prison went through an extensive remodeling inside and can now hold 124 prisoners in twelve wings or departments. Some of the most dangerous criminals in Norway, convicted of violent and sexual crimes, are prisoners at Ila. Several of the prisoners are still in custody. Anders Behring Breivik, convicted for the 2011 Norway attacks that killed 77 people, has been imprisoned in Ila since he was arrested