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Ayalon Prison - Ramla

Ayalon is one of several prisons in Ramla. The part for solitary confinement was built for Yigal Amir, who assassinated PM Yitzhak Rabin. Adolph Eichmann was held and executed in Ayalon. Metzada (named after Masada) is IPS's quick response and intervention force and specializes in suppression of prisoner uprisings, especially in prisons containing Palestinian detainees. It consists mainly of special forces veterans from the IDF. IPS employes 7,791 staff. The Knesset (Israeli parliament) passed a law allowing private prisons in 2004, and plans for privately run prisons were introduced in 2006. The state hoped to save money by transferring prisoners to such facilities, which would eliminate the need to invest in more infrastructure and manpower. In 2009, the Israeli Supreme Court struck down the plans, ruling that private prisons are an unconstitutional violation of basic human rights. Ayalon's most controversial inmate by far is "Prisoner X", believed to be Australian Mossad Agent Ben Zygier, who was held unidentified and incommunicado until his suicide in 2010.