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Tihar Prisons - New Delhi

Tihar Prisons, also called Tihar Jail and Tihar Ashram, is the largest complex of prisons in South Asia. Its main objective is to convert its inmates into ordinary members of society by providing them with useful skills, education, and respect for the law. It aims to improve the inmates' self-esteem and strengthen their desire to improve. To engage, rehabilitate, and reform its inmates, Tihar uses music therapy, which involves music training sessions and concerts. There is also a prison industry within the walls, manned wholly by inmates, which bears the brand Tihar.
Arthur Road Jail - Mumbai

Arthur Road Jail, officially known as Mumbai Central Prison, was built in 1926, and is Mumbai's largest and oldest prison. It houses mostly the city's prisoners. It was upgraded in 1994 to become a Central Prison and given its current official name, but it is still popularly referred to as Arthur Road Jail. The jail occupies 2 acres of land. Space is at a premium inside. The jail was originally built to accommodate 800 prisoners but the average number of inmates is 2000—far exceeding its capacity in terms of space, sanitation and other facilities. Around 180 prisoners are crammed in a cell designed to house 50 and prisoners are forced to sleep in awkward positions. For those who belonged to powerful gangs, it was easy to control underworld activities from within the jail by mobile phone. However, a newly installed jammer (to block out mobile signals) may have put an end to that.