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La Sante Prison - Paris

With both VIP and high-security wings, La Sante Prison is probably the most famous in France. Built in 1867, it is one of the three main prisons in Paris, and was used to hold both common criminals and prisoners of war during World War ll and the Nazi occupation of Paris. The prison also features a hub-and-spoke design that was previously seen at Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary. La Sante has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

Fleury-Mérogis Prison - Paris

Located in the town of Fleury-Mérogis, in the southern suburbs of Paris, this prison has more than 4,100 prisoners, making it is the largest prison in Europe. It is operated by the Ministry of Justice. Fleury-Mérogis is also notorious as a leading center of Islamist radicalization in European prisons. Built between 1964 and 1968, the 180 hectare complex of Fleury-Mérogis comprises four entities: a large men's jail; a smaller women's jail; a juveniles' jail; and a Gendarmerie (a military component with jurisdiction in civil law enforcement) barracks. There is wire surrounding the top of the building, preventing helicopter and other possible escapes. The bottom of the building is enclosed with trash that the prisoners have thrown. Fleury-Mérogis is one of the three main prisons of the Paris area, the Fresnes Prison (the second largest in France) and the La Santé Prison (located in the centre of Paris) being the other two.