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Eastern Europe

Behind the Iron Curtain: Eastern Europe - 15 Days

Experience Eastern Europe in all of its complexity–from imperial palaces to World War II sites to cool clubs and cafes. Start in the lovely two-sided city of Budapest. Then journey west along the Danube, stopping in the art-inspired village of Szentendre. Continue on to Vienna, unrivaled for its beauty and majesty. Head north to see the castles and cathedrals of Prague. End your journey in Poland, with visits to medieval Krakow and modern Warsaw.

Christmas Markets of Vienna, Budapest and Prague - 11 Days

Kick off the holiday season a little differently and head to Eastern Europe for a new take on tradition at the popular and festive Christmas markets. On this Edventure, you’ll peruse stall-upon-stall of handmade, heartfelt crafts, perfect for everyone on your list, while stopping to sample fresh local fare like waffeln (waffles) and hot glühwein (mulled wine). And when you aren't shopping, you're exploring the glory of winter in this beautiful Eastern European region.
Transylvania to the Black Sea Coast - 12 Days

Transylvania has conjured images of forested hills, crumbling churches, and of course, "Dracula’s Castle”, but travelers quickly discover why Eastern Europe is becoming a favorite destination. After uncovering Romania’s cosmopolitan capital of Sofia, as well as its quaint Saxon villages, visitors will soak up the sun on Bulgaria’s beautiful Black Sea coast. And while Romania’s heartland north of Bucharest definitely delivers its famous Gothic lore, it also harbors some of Europe’s best-kept secrets, including Sibiu, a city recently dubbed a European Union “Capital of Culture.”

Wines of Eastern Europe - 11 Days

Dotted with hilltop castles, ornate cathedrals and imperial palaces, Budapest, Vienna and Prague will captivate you. Discover some of Europe’s best wines in these regions, including at the Budapest International Wine Festival, an annual event bringing together Hungarian winemakers as well as international vintners. You will also have an opportunity to try more local flavors in the wine regions of Lake Balaton and Wachau, and at Vienna's magnificent Château Sychrov.