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Czech Republic

Kurim Prison - Brno

The prison is situated at the edge of the industrial zone in Kuřim Town, which lies 10 kilometres north from Brno, in the South Moravia Region. Its origins go back to years 1956-57, when it functioned as a branch of the Remand Prison Brno. Its current form of the complex is from 1981, and it is designed for convicted men over 18 years of age with guarded prison regime (high security). There is also a supervised unit and a specialized guarded unit for inmates with protective sexual treatment. This specialized unit for sexual offenders was opened in 1997, and as a part of the treatment is a close cooperation with external medical specialists. This unit is designed for convicts, who were sentenced to imprisonment by the respective court, with institutional sexual treatment. The recidivism rate is only 2.9% amongst such persons.

Pankrac Prison - Prague

Pankrác Prison, officially Prague Pankrác Remand Prison, serves partially as a prison for persons awaiting trial and partially for convicted inmates. Since 2008, women have also been incarcerated here. Nazi occupation began in 1939, and the prison population boosted to 2,200 people. Between April 1943 and April 1945, a total of 1,079 people (including 175 women) were beheaded by guillotine in Pankrác by Nazi executioners; the number of people executed by hanging at this period is unknown. In 1926, the prison was also approved for capital punishment (by hanging). The first execution took place on December 6, 1930. Like so many prisons worldwide, the Czech prison system faces criticism in general mainly due to overcrowding and under-financing, and its shortcomings are felt even more in the remand prisons, including the Pankrác Prison. Although the principle of not guilty until proven otherwise applies, in reality the inmates held on remand face a worse regime than those convicted, as they cannot take part in educational, sport or working activities, mostly because they are expected to be held only for a limited time (the average is approximately 100 days) before being either released or moved after the verdict.

Rynovice Prison - near Liberac

Rynovice Prison was established on August 1, 1968. History is closely related to the development of the automotive industry in Jablonec. The then LIAZ, np Jablonec nad Nisou, whose main plant 01 was built in the Jablonec part of Rýnovice, had a lack of workforce and good experience of employing prisoners. As early as the mid-1960s, they worked not only in the main race, but also in nine other branches of the Liberec Prison and Minkovice Prison. The interest in the workforce increased and it was necessary to create dormitories for inmates, as well as medical care, food, shopping needs, followed by a nursing facility and disciplinary unit. Specialized departments were established, including an anti-drug education and training center that is part of the prison today. Previously, the number of prisoners in the Rýnovice prison ranged from 900 to 1,000 inmates. Today, this prison is a security prison with a capacity of 500 inmates, and even if the long-term capacity is exceeded, it is far from reaching the number of inmates previously held. As prisons continue to receive specialized treatment, Rynovice focuses on drug addicts with mental and behavioral disorders, first-time and problem-solicited prisoners, and primarily employment of inmates with local businesses.