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Remetinec Prison - Zagreb

Remetinec prison is a closed-type prison located in the Remetinec neighborhood of Zagreb, Croatia. The prison's capacity is 560 inmates, making it the largest prison in Croatia, though in July 2012 it housed 904 prisoners and detainees. The prison's overcrowding problem is also a major problem of the Croatian prison system in general, and perceived poor living conditions have led to a prisoners' hunger strike in May 2008. A planned expansion will add 340 beds, and is financed by the Council of Europe Development Bank. It was in documentation stage as of June 2010. Notable prisoners include Dinko Šakić, commander of the Jasenovac concentration camp, who died in the prison's hospital in 2008, and Ivo Sanader, former Prime Minister of Croatia, who was sentenced for corruption in 2012.