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Seven-Day City Edventures

Do you have just a week to see the world? Do you want to spend more time in some of the world's greatest cities to discover their treasures? Our City Edventures are just the right choice. Whether it is your first trip abroad, or you are a seasoned visitor, City Edventures give you the right balance of structured activities and free time to explore these cities in depth, all for an inclusive price you won't get anywhere else!

Berlin City Edventure

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, this city pulses with life. The cobbled streets of the German capital date back 750 years; yet a fresh vibrancy pervades the boulevards, the markets, the hundreds of trendy night spots and the thousands of pubs and restaurants. This revitalized Berlin—also known as the "New York City" of Europe—is an essential destination for every traveler!
An English Christmas Celebration

London acquires a special sparkle around Christmas time. The weather is frosty, the Christmas lights are twinkling and shoppers line the streets. It's a holiday season of which Dickens would approve!

Euro Disneyland for Families

Regardless of age, Paris is an unforgettable destination that will bring a family closer than ever. Just like our Paris Get-away, families can explore soaring landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and underground hideaways like the Catacombs. Visit the famous Louvre Museum and have a picnic lunch in its Tuileries Gardens. Enjoy a twilight ride on the River Siene. And the highlight of this mini-week of highlights is a day in Euro Disney. Let the City of Light fuel a multitude of shared memories with your children...this is your family's Paris!

London City Edventure

London was once considered the capital of the world—and it shows. Britain’s most dynamic city has a history that stretches back 2,000 years, and a culture as rooted in the local pub as it is in world-class museums. Get acquainted with this city at your own pace, whether strolling through Kensington Gardens, climbing the Tower of London or experiencing Big Ben up close and personal. But you Edventure isn't limited to just the city. You have the opportunity to journey beyond its districts to see iconic landmarks, such as Oxford University, Windsor Castle and the prehistoric Stonehenge. Never has five days been so fully-packed with unforgettable experiences!
Madrid City Edventure

Madrid is the lively political and cultural capital of Spain. Its history steeped in revolution and its people passionate about their country and its roots. Feast your eyes on the royal riches at the Prado and the Palacio Real, wander through Toledo’s gothic cathedral and cobblestone streets, and when your hands-on history lesson is complete, fast-forward to the present day to feast on tapas, drink sangria, join the street life and dance the night away.
New Year's Eve in Sydney

Ring in the New Year in Sydney, Australia, host of the summer 2000 Olympics. Begin an exploration of the city’s iconic beaches, World Heritage sites, lush hinterlands and acclaimed wine regions. For those who have just a few days instead of our full 10-12 day tours, enjoy a special time in a special wondrous place with the one you love

Paris City Edventure

Whether for romance, history, indulgence or artistic inspiration, Paris is the destination for experiences you’ll never forget. Explore soaring landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and underground hideaways like the Catacombs. Visit La Sante Prison, the oldest and most famous prison in France. Browse some of the world’s richest collections of art, sip fine wines and feast on French delicacies. Seat yourself at a sidewalk cafe and watch the Parisians do their thing. This is the time to discover the City of Light...your Paris!

Rome City Edventure

The Eternal City. Rome for centuries has been the center of modern civilization. From Constantine to Julius Caesar, histories most famous have been drawn, or were born, to this city. World-class artists and intellectuals have flocked to these cities, leaving behind lasting impressions. Now it’s your turn to make your mark on this city, exploring the ins and outs with Roman locals leading the way. And, with plenty of time to yourself, you’ll be free to discover your own niche within this European hub.