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Belgium and the Netherlands

Amsterdam and the Keukenhof Gardens - 7 days

Try to imagine this: 70 brightly hued acres bursting with seven million spring flowers in bloom, from daffodils to hyacinths to Amsterdam’s national export: the tulip. For nearly 60 years, Keukenhof Gardens (translating to “kitchen garden”) has been a playground-meets-showplace for Dutch florists. After getting acquainted with Amsterdam, city of colorful canals and bridges, you’ll escape to the peaceful, perfumed gardens for a day to explore this year’s flourishing blooms.
Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Belgium - 10 Days

Delve into the Dutch city’s laid-back cafe culture and modern masterpieces before heading south to Luxembourg City’s quaint, cobbled streets and Belgium’s rolling countryside. Then, make a final stop in Brussels, the unofficial capital of Europe, to savor a bit of the sweet life.

New Year's Eve in Amsterdam - 5 Days

This city needs no excuse to party, so when it celebrates the New Year, it does it in a big way. In fact, some believe Amsterdam has the best party in all of Europe! Before the celebration, wander along its meandering canals, historic bridges and gabled houses, and you’ll feel as though you were transported into the pages of a storybook.

Oktoberfest: Beers of Belgium and Germany - 12 Days

What better way to experience the beers of Belgium and Germany than to combine the world famous Oktoberfest with this culinary Edventure. You’ll journey from enchanting Bruges and Brussels through medieval Rhine Valley and Bamberg to lively Munich as your taste buds are treated to the varying styles of the brewed hops, from crisp Bavarian beer to the strong ales of the Bavarian Forest.

The Tastes of Belgium and Germany - 12 Days

Treat your taste buds to sweet Belgian chocolate and crisp Bavarian beer on this culinary adventure. You’ll journey through Belgium and Germany, from enchanting Bruges to medieval Bamberg to lively Munich. Bring your appetite as you discover the local beers, fare and traditions that make these regions such celebrated destinations.

Windmills, Wooden Shoes and Mermaids - 11 Days

In Amsterdam, your attention focuses on the picturesque canals that make the very first moments here feel like you've been transported to a story book land. Make your way up north through Germany's north country and its second largest city, Hamburg. Then, it's on to Denmark, and quaint Copenhagen, home of Hans Christen Andersen and the Little Mermaid statue that sits by the harbor. A special charm takes hold that shows a real admiration for the literary achievements, the legends and the history of these fascinating countries.