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St. Gilles/Forest Prison - Brussels

The prison of Saint-Gilles is located at Belgian town of Saint-Gilles and Forest outside Brussels. However, it hosts only a small number of convicts. The prison of Saint-Gilles also has a medical-surgical center supporting patients from other prisons. The prison was opened in 1884, built in the Tudor-style and given a "castle" appearance. In 1910, another building, known as "Forest" added 400 cells to the facility - 270 for men and 130 for women. The buildings were connected by an underground "avenue", the origin of the term. During both World Wars, the prison came under control of the Germans, who used it to house prisoners of war. History and modern age continue to create controversy, as the need for inmate housing requires the addition of new facilities, as was the case in 1993 when a new wing was added, and in 2012, when the "B" wing was modernized.