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Austria And Switzerland

Behind the Iron Curtain - 15 Days

Experience Eastern Europe in all of its complexity–from imperial palaces to World War II sites to cool clubs and cafes. Start in the lovely two-sided city of Budapest. Then journey along the Danube to Vienna, unrivaled for its beauty and majesty. Head north to see the castles and cathedrals of Prague. End your journey in Poland, with visits to medieval Krakow and modern Warsaw.

Christmas Markets of Vienna, Budapest and Prague - 11 Days

Kick off the holiday season a little differently and head to Eastern Europe for a new take on tradition at the popular and festive Christmas markets. On this Edventure, you’ll peruse stall-upon-stall of handmade, heartfelt crafts, perfect for everyone on your list, while stopping to sample fresh local fare like waffeln (waffles) and hot glühwein (mulled wine). And when you aren't shopping, you're exploring the glory of winter in this beautiful Eastern European region.

Oktoberfest in the Alps - 13 Days

Journey from Switzerland’s mountain-lined Lake Lucerne to France’s inspiring Lake Annecy, as Europeans have done for centuries.Take in the picturesque Charmonix Valley, stroll Italy’s Lake Como, visit tiny Liechtenstein, and see Innsbruck just before ski season, all on the way to Munich, the lively capital of Bavaria, where you’ll join thousands of beer lovers from around the world in celebrating Oktoberfest.

Fairy Tales: Switzerland to the Black Forest - 14 Days

Discover the roots of some of the world's most popular fairy tales, including the woods made famous by the Brothers Grimm, as you explore the charming towns, picturesque lakes, and magnificent mountains of Switzerland and southern Germany. Cruise along the Alpine shores of lakes Geneva and Lucerne, then stand in awe on the spectacular slopes of the Matterhorn. Then drop into the mystical, magical Black Forest region, where fairy tales bring the past to life.

Switzerland - Jewel of the Alps - 11 Days

For many years, Europeans have flocked to the Swiss Alps in search of health, recreation and beauty. On this Edventure, you will not only invigorate your body, but your spirit as well as you travel among crystal glacial lakes, dramatic mountain passes and soaring Alpine peaks. Explore charming towns, picturesque vineyards, and spectacular slopes as you venture close to the highest summits of these beautiful Swiss Alps.

Winter in Tyrol - Ski/Snowboard Edventure - 11 Days 

Hit the slopes in this winter wonderland that lies in the shadow of the spectacular soaring alpine peaks of the Swiss Alps. Your Edventure begins in southern Switzerland and winds through three countries, including Innsbruck, Austria, home to two winter Olympics, and some of the most scenic slopes in the world. Don't ski or snowboard? Winter is a great time to see the beauty of these Alpine towns and alternative activities are always available to enjoy!