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Goulburn Correctional Centre - Goulburn, New South Wales

A supermax facility for males located 120 miles southwest of Sydney (50 miles northeast of Canberra) in the Southern Tablelands.The High Risk Management Correctional Centre (HRMCC) is a purpose-built facility and is located on the grounds of the prison. Goulburn's first lock-up was built around 1830 and gallows were built as early as 1832 when floggings were common.

Long Bay Correctional Centre - Long Bay (Sydney)

Long Bay Correctional Complex is an Australian maximum and minimum security prison for males and females. The complex is located approximately 14 kilometres south of Sydney. The facility is operated by Corrective Services New South Wales, an agency of the Department of Attorney General and Justice, of the Government of New South Wales. The Complex accepts sentenced and unsentenced felons under New South Wales and/or Commonwealth legislation and comprises three separate facilities including the Long Bay Hospital (a maximum security institution for medical and psychiatric cases); the Metropolitan Special Programs Centre (a maximum/minimum security institution); and the Special Purpose Centre (a maximum security institution for inmates requiring special protection).