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Asia and the South Pacific

Australia: From Penal Colony to Paradise -12 Days

An island, a country and a continent all in one, What began as a British penal colony for England's unwanted, Australia now combines dazzling scenery, cultured cities and an irresistible, carefree, "carpe-diem" spirit. Experience the allure of the land Down Under.
Grand Tour of Australia - 14 Days

An island, a country and a continent all in one, Australia combines dazzling scenery, cultured cities and an irresistible, carefree, carpe-diem spirit. Experience the allure of the land Down Under when you snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, gaze at Ayers Rock and explore the Sydney Opera House.
China and the Yangtze River - 15 Days

China’s sheer size and density is impossible to fathom, until you walk across the vast expanse of Tiananmen Square or gaze at the unending Great Wall. Take a leisurely cruise down the Yangtze River and ride the world’s fastest train. Experience this country of superlatives with all of its contrasts, from pristine landscapes to towering cityscapes, and from ancient sites to modern marvels.
India's Golden Triangle - 12 Days

India at its most alluring—the mystique of Eastern religions, the swirl of colorful saris, and of course, the magic of the Taj Mahal. On this grand tour, you’ll experience it all...riding on the backs of elephants while looking for tigers in Ranthemore National Park, exploring the ancient ruins of fortresses built into rock, and standing in awe of one of the seven man-made wonders of the world...this Edventure is the iconic India.

Japanese Traditions - 11 Days

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is the embodiment of Japanese hospitality, representing harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. You’ll experience this Zen aesthetic on every day of your Japanese tour—and not only while drinking tea. Discover how centuries-old traditions and temples coexist with cutting-edge culture and futuristic cityscapes. And witness how Japan’s art, architecture and day-to-day culture continue to reflect its time-honored philosophies.
New Year's Eve in Sydney - 7 Days

Ring in the New Year in Sydney, Australia, host of the summer 2000 Olympic Games. Upon arrival, relax or begin your own exploration of the city’s iconic beaches, World Heritage sites, lush hinterland and acclaimed wine regions. A special place at a special time as the whole world celebrates!

New Zealand - The Untamed Landscape - 14 Days

This island nation is often called the “adrenaline capital of the world” and you’ll understand why as you cruise through the fjords of Milford Sound and skirt the peaks of the Southern Alps. Amid these spectacular  landscapes, you’ll get a taste of the welcoming Kiwi culture and the country’s renowned sauvignon blanc, Maori rituals and steaming moonscapes amid the city of Rotorua.

Thailand's Golden Kingdom - 12 Days

After exploring the bustling capital of Bangkok, you’ll travel north into the heart of Thailand, to ancient ruined capitals, local villages lost in time, and mountaintop temples where few have walked, discovering all sides of this vibrant country of contrasts. The spice and rice will nourish your body; the scenery and history will nourish your soul. This is the Land of Smiles, and your smile will last long after you've arrived back home!

Vietnam, Angkor Wat and Thailand - 15 Days

Witness the dramatic history of a storied region reinventing itself. Long before the war in Vietnam, this country regaled in proud and ancient traditions. Take in the country’s contemporary lifestyle and explore its historic lineage. Cruise amidst the staggering seascapes of Ha Long Bay and explore its culinary creations. Then head to Cambodia to wander among Angkor’s astonishing and enduring temples and terraces, signs of an advanced civilization almost lost to the jungle around it. Finally, journey to Bangkok, a city that blends ancient culture with cosmopolitan living.