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Africa and the Middle East

The Wonders of Ancient Israel and Petra - 13 Days

Long-ago prophets and modern-day pilgrims have flocked to Israel for millennia. And for an ancient spiritual epicenter, the country still feels surprisingly contemporary and fresh. Here, biblical sites and sacred artifacts mingle effortlessly with an eclectic and energetic local culture.

Egypt and the Nile - 12 Days

An Edventure on everyone's bucket list - pharaohs and pyramids, sultans and souks, temples and tombs. Travel into a world of ancient wonders and discover the lands behind the legends. Walk past the towering stone icons and through avenues of sphinxes. Journey into royal valleys amid the desert sands, then cruise down the Nile, anchoring at remote islands and beside the Theban Hills.

The United Arab Emirates to Oman - 12 Days

Revel in the incredible contrasts of this diverse region. As the wealthiest country in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is often associated with glamour and opulence, and the architecture, design and shopping of Dubai and Abu Dhabi certainly live up to the reputation. You will truly be dazzled by these cosmopolitan cities, but you'll also find out how these cities also serve as meccas of culture, finance, and innovation as you journey towards Oman. 

Grand Tour of Turkey - 15 Days

Uncover a land where the cultures of two continents collide. In Turkey, Ottoman domes float against modern skylines. Classic scenes from Greek epics come to life, and bustling bazaars and vibrant street vendors prove variety is the spice of life. From Istanbul to Cappadocia and the ruins of Ephesus, take in the living traditions where East meets West. This is an Edventure for those seasoned travelers, or those just beginnning to explore all corners of the world!

Untouched Africa - 14 Days

Few landscapes on earth continue to be untouched by man as parts of Africa are, and travelers here will experience some of these protected lands. After an introduction to the continent at Victoria Falls, scan the horizon for cheetah in Hwange National Park, track elephant herds in Chobe and glide through the lush lagoons of the Okavango Delta.