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A Little About Group Travel

World Edventures and Service Tours is a travel club that considers your ability to affordably see the world as its most important goal. This organization works hard to assure you have the highest levels of satisfaction – working closely with its travel partners to assure its travelers quality travel, quality customer service and quality pricing. 

World Edventures and Service Tours was started by Cheryl Simonson and Patti Rommel, who began as a couple of volunteer parents helping World Language teachers at the local high school extend the classroom experience to their students. These students only had a chance to apply their newly-learned world language skills through cultural immersion. From raising money, to coordinating and chaperoning the tours, their goal was to give students a life-changing opportunity that would open doors, and minds, and make sure their trips were the best possible experience for their hard-earned dollars. And when they shared their students' experiences, many adults would respond, teasingly (but not really), with "do you need any chaperones?" Cheryl and Patti found that world travel was a life-changing experience for them as well, and thought, why not offer it to others?

As an extension of that idea, World Edventures and Service Tours considered the needs of a group of people whose jobs are one of the most stressful on the planet. Both Cheryl and Patti have relatives and friends who work as Correctional Officers for the California Department of Corrections, as well as other areas of law-enforcement. Understanding the need for self-care by those who work in this field, they believed combining global travel with tours of prisons around the world would offer correctional officers not only an enhancement to their careers, but the ability to network with those around the world who share the same experiences, both in professional and personal lives. So many people of all ages want to continue their education, in or out of school, and have an adventure as well, in new and familiar places around the planet, so why not extend the "Ed" ventures to all, beginning with specialized prison tours for Correctional/Law Enforcement Officials, as well as to other organizations that come together with common goals.

So was born World Edventures and Service Tours, and the opportunity to extend this vision to adults, teens, and families. World Edventures and Service Tours takes pride in knowing that you will get an activity-packed excursion whose price cannot be beat by any other organization. These are not just tours, these are EDVENTURES! Explore the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to submit a message from any page on the website. If your group would like to experience a shared travel edventure, please contact us first with your desired itinerary. Where will you go?

Patti Rommel, Partner and Tour Coordinator

At the Trevi Fountain in Rome, it's a wish made by Patti Rommel, that everyone has a chance to see the world, and she helps find travel partners who offer an affordable price, so your dreams of world travel can become a reality.

Cheryl Simonson, Partner and Tour Coordinator

Icons of the European continent,  both Cheryl, and the Eiffel Tower, stand proudly for all they represent! Cheryl will lead travelers on a global Edventure, not just a tour!